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This is a personal opinion from an outside lady who came across one of my pups at a groomer in Las Vegas. .

She sent me this compliment. Thanks so much Sheryl

Patrice, my name is Sheryl and I live in the Las Vegas area. I recently met a woman at my groomers who had one of your pups. I have to say, without a doubt, it was a beautiful example of breeding and speaks highly of the quality of animals that are in your kennels. I have owned mini schnauzers for about 24 years so I am very familiar with the breed. I had to put my last baby down about 2 months ago and I am now ready to look at new pups. This time though I am looking for a standard schnauzer. The lady I met seemed to think that you either on occasion bred standards or could at least point me in the direction of a breeder who is of similar quality to you. May I have the favor of a reply from you in this matter? Thank you,


Forth Worth, Texas,   Lisa  calls them her MOVIE   STARS  









:Lisa started off with twins, then one more & one more

         Some say schnauzers are like

Lays Potato Chips can't have just one. 

Another AWESOME pup from

Cajunlands, that we are very proud of.

Tootsie, she competed in the AKC

Obedience Puppy Class this spring. She won her class and came out 2nd overall. Congrats to

TOOTSIE for a job very well done!!!



Cajunlands has a pup that travels

with Jimmy Bennett & His Mom Martha, , when they do television shows & movies.


Hi Patrice, Bailey is doing great. I had her spayed on Monday, she did fine. She weighs 9.8 lbs. Everyone thinks she is so beautiful. She loves her big sister, the german shepherd, but doesn't back down if the shepherd has something she wants. She is a great addition to our family. Thanks for my little girl

Diane & Henry   2020

New Hampshire 

Hello there:

We are doing wonderful. Hiking, riding quads and loving her new area. Seems to be the best little dog ever. Quiet and playful loves everybody and just about everything except for the loud pipes on the Harley which is to be expected. She is great and loves to be with me. She is in my lap right now in my office typing this letter.

Shot next Friday on July 8th, still trying to confirm with vet. Eating blue buffalo puppy and vitamins every day heart guard started on July 1st. Healthy and sweet. Sleeps with us every night.

Regards, from COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLORADO Christine & Serge & Sophie



Mark and I absolutely love our new puppy. CoCo Chanel is stunning! She struts with royalty and loves to be loved. We are having so much fun with her. Our Napoleon (Maltese) has accepted and protects her. We have some beautiful photos of CoCo - Mark will send soon.

Wish I could have been there to see you again. All is good and CoCo Chanel has been a great addition to our family.

By the way, our Vet was so impressed with CoCo Chanel. Everyone there wanted her! You are an excellent Breeder and an adorable person. It is hard to find quality with goodness. We are so glad we found you!


Jo Bagwell


Darla had her first visit yesterday. She had her vaccinations without issue. The vet thought she was the cutest thing he had ever seen and told Tony that you must have done a really good job because she looked so healthy and well groomed. We got the heartgard and will be giving it to her on the 1st. She is doing great and I promise to send pictures when I get home from work. I really can't thank you enough we love her so much.


brees fin.jpg

Hi Patrice! Just wanted to update you with some pics of Brees. He is such a character! He brightens up our days with his personality. Like you will notice in the pics, if he is tired, whatever is on the floor he will climb into and take a nap lol. We just love him to death.....thank you so much for giving us such a blessing:)

April Pratt

Hi Patrice! Thank you very much for the ecard. Everything went great on the ride

home, no car sickness, he slept most of the way. Our daughter's reaction to

getting this puppy was priceless....she made me cry. She is in love with him and

he is in love with her. Also, our dog is doing great with him. They play

together and she watches over him lol. I have attached some pictures from

yesterday. Thank you so much for this great addition to our family......he has

the best personality and we just love him to death! I will send you another

update when my daughter decides on his name. Merry Christmas to you and your



April Pratt


"As a soldier in the Army I have visited many kennels in my search for the perfect addition to the family. I wanted a puppy that was hypoallergenic but more importantly a puppy that had a good disposition-only proper socialization and the right environment will do this. The Arcements spend a tremendous amount of time socializing their puppies, keeping the facilities clean, and taking pride in all their dogs-even the breeder dogs are groomed and extremely happy. They are not a puppy mill but knowledgeable small scale breeders that care about their dogs. They are nice people with "good ole" southern hospitality. Duke, our mini schnauzer, has started "clicker training" and already knows the command to sit, stay, and come at the age of eight weeks. Patrice is an ethical hobby breeder and my five hour drive to their home was well worth it. " -Orlando Husband

Owned by a Mini-Schnauzer (June 2009)


On Februaury 23, 2007, I lost my soul mate and best friend Lady Tara. We had almost 14 wonderful years together. Then on January 21, 2008, I lost my beloved Rusty. An abused and starved puppy, he found a home and love. Life without a dog is very lonely. I searched the internet for a small companion. There he was! A beautiful black and white Miniature Schnauzer. Becaus of commitments, I couldn't get him then, so I planned on waiting to get a puppy. I couldn't stay away from that cute puppy I made contact with Patrice and she agreed to keep him awhile longer for me. The days were very long, but I was not disappoointed. The most beautiful and funny puppy. I named him Snickers, filled my home with laughter. There is never a dull moment. He is so loving. Patrice was kind, friendly helpful and caring. Her kennels were clean and all of the puppies seemed to be happy and healthy. She had Snickers all ready and waiting for me. She had given me advice on things I would need, took time to answer my questions and I could tell that she loved her puppies. After getting my bundle of love home, Patrice and I kept in contact. She has continued to answer questions, offer encouragement, and has become I lifelong friend. Snickers will always be special to her, and she will always be special to us. I still miss my two loves, but Snickers makes me laugh. We are having a lot of fun and life without him would be very empty. You won't go wrong buying a puppy from Patrice. She is knowledgeable, caring amd willing to share information with you. She is very professional and cares deeply about her puppies.

Thanks, Howard

Leesville, La

Hi my name is Kim, I already have 2 of Mrs Patrice's Puppies and I'm getting a third. I have dealt with her for 3 years now. I wouldn't buy my puppies anywhere else. They are well taken care of. They are just the sweetest puppies. They are so fun and loveable. I tell her all the time if I had a bigger house I would have 10 of her puppies. Her kennels are excellently kept. The puppies just love her...Mrs. Patrice is a lady that cares about her puppies. She sits with them and plays with them. They are just sooo cute!!!!!! If you are serious about the puppy you are looking for, Mrs. Patrice, she is the lady to get it from!!!! You will not bedisappointed when you see these give her a call and I promise you'll take one home!!!!!

Review from puppy find


Past Puppies








Heidi Lu





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