Retired Males

Retired Females

Cajunland's Miniature Schnauzers - Retirees

Some people would love to have the company of a dog. But wouldn't want a puppy, so occassionally, I get an older puppy or adult looking for a good home. These young or older adults, need fenced yards and homes they can call their own. Some are well on their way with house training, with a little help older dogs can learn new tricks. All my dogs are doggie door trained and leash broke, because on rainy & wet days they are taken on walks. They get so excited when they see me grab collars, they all think they are going somewhere


This page is dedicated to all my beginnings

These awesome dogs are exactly what started off

my wonderful breeding program

All have been placed in awesome homes

Each One is Missed daily

Thankful for all the good times with my girls & guys

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White Chocolate female She was just so beautiful, her coat was amazing and soft.