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Just a little extra note about health guarantees

Lots of people ask about the duratuion of health guarantees. Well??? This is just a personal opinion about those long health guarantees some breeders offer. I am totally comfortable with my guarantee. Most of the time any real life threatenting health isssues will appear within the first year of that pups life. Remember we are talking years all balled up in one year of life for them. Since people years and dog years are different. I believe going though stress with vaccinations and leaving the only place they have known is stressful. This type of stress can possiblly cause issues, just like people. Lots of things are related to stress and environmental issues. But really any breeder would stand by their pups within a reasonable amount of time.


Contract & Health Guarantee

Contract Terms 

Cajunlands Miniature Schnauzers


Buyer Information: Puppy Information:

Today’s Date:__________________________       Gender: Male Or Female

Name:________________________________        Date of Birth:______________________

Address:______________________________        Color:_____________________________

City:__________________________________       Dam:_____________________________

State/Zip:______________________________      Sire:_____________________________

Phone:________________________________      Litter#____________________________

Purchase amount:______________________       Deposit:__________________________

Balance:____________________________            Transfer Date:___________________

This warranty is for the puppy listed above only. I am not responsible for any charges you obtain, such as veterinary fees, ear cropping and shipping charges. Buyer agrees to take full responsibilities for this pup once it leaves the sellers possession. For me to assume responsibilities for this warranty, YOU MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING TERMS. All pups are sold as pets/companion quality only, and come with a limited registration with AKC, Spayed/neuter contract. All pups must be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age or THIS CONTRACT IS NULL OR VOID. No AKC papers are given with out proof of spay or neutering.  If pup is to be used for breeding/show arrangements must be made prior to sale. Any dog that has sired or whelped one or more puppies is void from this guarantee. Breeder has the right to refuse a sale or cancel a contract on any pup, if she feels it is for the well being of the puppy.


I guarantee this puppy to be healthy at time of purchase. This pup was checked by my vet. before leaving. Customer must take this puppy to their veterinarian within 48 hours or 2 working days after delivery or pick up. Failure to do so Will Void this warranty & agreement. If any life threatening health problems are found, breeder has to be notified immediately and pup returned to breeder within 2 days at buyers’ expense, with a written statement from examining veterinarian. Breeder retains the right to have pup checked out by her vet before any replacement can be done. You must furnish all necessary information about attending veterinarian on office letterhead. (Name, address and phone #). Breeder's veterinarian retains the right to call and consult with attending veterinarian about any health issues involved. After inspection and approval, breeder is to be held blameless and NOT responsible for any further medical condition.

This pup comes with a 1 year health guarantee against genetic defects from birth. (heart, liver and kidneys). If a pup should die of a defect, a written statement from a STATE certified veterinarian/office is required for replacement of puppy. Autopsy/Necropsy must be performed at owners expense before a replacement of pup is to be made. The autopsy/necropsy report must accompany any request for refund or replacement. Replacement is pup of equal value. If buyer wants a pup of greater value they must pay the difference. Replacement will be made at next available litter of equal value. Delays for any reason will void this agreement. NO WARRANTIES on retained testicles, hernias, poor bites, orthopedic problems and Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

This one year guarantee will be increased to a 2 year genetic health guarantee on my pups, which are KEPT on NuVet Vitamins for the next 2 year duration. This NuVet purchase HAS to be made within 2 weeks of receiving pup. NuVet will send me a monthly report on who purchases the vitamins. Anytime vitamins are stopped this agreement becomes NULL & VOID, and the one year will become locked in. You will need my BREEDERS CODE #69499. They can be ordered on my site, or calling 800-474-7044, or

Breeder has taken every possible step to ensure this pup to be healthy. Pups are given prevention medicine for coccidia and giardia before leaving. Your pup has been wormed every 2 weeks from birth, therefore there is no guarantee on worms, mites, coccidiosis, giardia, demodex or kennel cough which can be issues associated with boarding, traveling, stress and new environmental factors (your soil & water). These are all too common in puppies, they can be treated and are not life threatening.

Breeder is not held responsible for reactions to vaccinations and flea medications that sometimes can happen to pups. Vaccinations should not be administered earlier than 3 weeks apart or more than 4 weeks later. Rabies should not be given before 16 weeks of age. Vaccinations should be given in 3 or 4 different intervals. Breeder recommends that rabies be given by itself at later date. If attending veterinarian gives any vaccines too early or too many at 1 time, this guarantee is null and void.

Breeder will not replace lost of a puppy caused by neglect: injury, choking, weather conditions, poisoning, etc.

I cannot always guarantee the size of your pup when grown, color, show or breeding capabilities. These are only estimated guesses. I strongly recommend spaying and neutering. Spayed and neutered pets tend to live longer and healthier lives.

It is up to you to continue monthly with worming procedures and flea control for a happier & healthier pet. Routine veterinarian checkups and vaccinations are also required. Feeding a good quality food goes a long way in the future health & hair coats of your new pup. Using NuVet vitamins daily can be an extra assurance for the health and well being of your pup. Buying a new pup is a serious commitment, so why not take the best possible care of your new friend.

If any pup is left here 7 days beyond agreement or pick up date which is:

8 weeks of age & released solely on breeders’ discretion or________________________________ a $5 .00 per day charge will apply to help cover his/her expenses. (Shots, worming, food & extra care required)


By signing this agreement, the buyer, as owner of new pup has read, understands and agrees to the above conditions and guarantee. As the buyer, you agree to notify breeder if unable to keep this pup for any reason. Guarantees are not transferable. Any disputes is owners expense, & in Louisiana.

Buyer’s signature & email:


Seller's signature: _________________________________

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