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AKC Miniature Schnauzers in Louisiana

Thanks for your interest in my

Miniature Schnauzers

A very special thanks to all that have adopted/purchased a pup or retiree from me in the past!

Patrice @ Cajunlands

Testimonials Continued:

Hey Patrice, just an update. Sophie is doing great. She now weighs 7 lbs. She is spoiled rotten and I have it. She sleeps with me. Never in my life did I think that would happen, but it has. She follows me every where I go, even in the bathroom. I will send you some new pics soon. You are the greatest.

Thanks for everything. Cindy

Hey Patrice. Things are going great! Murphy is having so much fun and Dylan is so happy to have a friend who will play. They love to wrestle and play chase. Murphy does not like that Dylan can jump up on the furniture...he barks until Dylan gets down. They are so funny together. He had his shots at the beginning of the week and everything looks good. I think the vet said that he is 5.2 pounds. I can tell he's grown since then though. He lays down or sits down to get a drink of water at least half of the time...have you ever seen a dog do that? It makes me laugh. I saw on your website that you have a very full nursery! I would come get another one if I could! Have a great Easter.


Things are going well. Dylan is a little too excited so I keep a close eye on them when they are playing. Murphy hops around like a bunny rabbit outside. Dylan will chase anything that moves so it's funny to watch. Dylan is not at all aggressive thank goodness. Murphy has barked at him a couple of times; it makes me laugh! He did great the first night...probably exhausted. Last night he cried a lot. We didn't get too much sleep. Hope he's a little more secure tonight. He's been a lot more playful today so I hope he will be nice and tired tonight. Thanks again for everything; we love these little guys. Maybe we will be coming back for number three before you know it!


Hey Patrice, I forgot to mention it to you how smart Heidi Lu is. These are all the things she can do.

She comes to you when you call her name

She sits when told

She gives you her right and left paw when told

She fetches and drops her toy when told

She lays down when told

She rolls over when told

She stands on her back legs and twirls

And she jumps through a hoop

Pretty impressive for a 3 month old!

You have pretty smart puppies!!!!

Just had to share that with you.


Lucy & Mosey

pup 2011

One Smart Pup!!

Hi Patrice, Just wanted to tell you Sophie is doing great. She is the best behaved little girl. Everyone that sees her says how beautiful she is and ask where we got her. I have given your name to several people. Almost completely house broken now. Barks to go outside and when she can't because of rain, she goes on paper. Just love her.

Thanks for breeding such a wonderful little pup.

Gwen Garber


Mark and I absolutely love our new puppy. CoCo Chanel is stunning! She struts with royalty and loves to be loved. We are having so much fun with her. Our Napoleon (Maltese) has accepted and protects her. We have some beautiful photos of CoCo - Mark will send soon.

Wish I could have been there to see you again. All is good and CoCo Chanel has been a great addition to our family.

By the way, our Vet was so impressed with CoCo Chanel. Everyone there wanted her! You are an excellent Breeder and an adorable person. It is hard to find quality with goodness. We are so glad we found you!


Jo Bagwell

Maddie & Mosey Pup

HI Mrs. Patrice, I bought a puppy from you two years ago. His name is Baxter. I am the one with the Great Dane and now two mini schnauzers. I know in the past you have sold your females that you stopped breeding. Does that mean that you will be doing the same with Lucy? I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope again soon I can get another one of your wonderful schnauzers. Baxter is such a wonderful schnauzer. He is well mannered, he loves his ovesize brother Gibson (Great Dane). Baxter is Gibson's right hand pup. Everywhere brother goes Baxter follows. Unfortunately, at times, that means in some nasty smelling water too. I get a quick drink while we are out on a walk. Everyone at the vet loves Baxter, he is such a dog and people person. My other schnauzer, is wonderful too, but he is 100% different from Baxter. Bo likes to walk at the park and sniff, if someone comes up to them, he will let them pet him, but only for a second. Baxter will not want people to stop. He has this cute little "bark type howl" thing that he does. It is cute and funny.

Thank you, Susan

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