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Cajunlands Miniature Schnauzers

Breeding  Since 2002

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Hi everyone,

I would like to WELCOME you to my home and favorite past time. I am a stay at home mom that has raised my 3 sons, into some of the finest young men around. I live in Raceland, La., which is about 30 minutes south of New Orleans, with my husband and high school fiance, Danny. He is my handy man when I need help in my kennel. He won't admit it, but he loves spending time with my dogs and playing Frisbee. We live in the country on 4 acres of land with our miniature schnauzer family.

All of our Miniature Schnauzers are AKC registered. We do strictly Purebred AKC Miniature Schnauzers and not designer dogs. I strive very hard on health, conformation and awesome temperaments. I do have some champion lines for correct conformation. I have been raising schnauzer pups for over 19 years and totally love what I do. That is why now I have some 3rd, 4th  and 5th generation pups from our very own lines. Each schnauzer baby will get lots of attention & love while in my care, and it shows in each and every one. These pups are home raised in a very clean environment. Schnauzer pups are hypo-allergenic, since they don't really shed.

I am a very small hobby breeder, that truly cares about my puppies. This is my past time, so I have lots of time to devote to my pups.This is a smoke free and very clean environment. Not A PUPPY MILL. I do not breed my dogs on every cycle, these dogs are my pets and family first, not just breeders. They play Frisbee and go on walks. If I do not have pups at the time I will gladly put your name on a list and let you know when they arrive. They DO NOT live in wire kennels here, they live in a climate controlled house with dogie doors, so they can go out and run whenever they want. This accommodation is very comfortable to all my dogs and my family. Next best thing to being inside my own house, but with freedom. The whole area is enclosed with screen, So no bugs! They are provided outside play time daily and brought on walks when it rains. Dogs are fed premium dog foods. All are kept up to date on shots & wormings. Pups are brought into my home for extra attention, so they get lots of attention and well socialized. Especially from my amazing grand daughters! They come pre-spoiled with lots of TLC! Pups come up to date on shots & wormed beginning @ 2 weeks from birth, and weekly there after. Tails are docked and dewclaws removed by my vet at 4 days old. Each schnauzer pup is vet checked before they are allowed to leave for their new homes. We come HIGHLY recommended by our vets from Lafourche Animal Hospital & Best Friends Animal Hospital. All pups get their first haircut at 6 to 7 weeks.

Puppies are fed an excellent premium puppy food. If you decide to change, allow at least 2 weeks for the transition to the new food. After your pup has begun to eat right, usually in a week or so you may start the process. Gradually mix the foods till you have removed the previous food. Change food slowly not to cause upset tummies.

So take your time, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and check out my site. I hope you will enjoy it. With a SPECIAL SOUTHERN THANKS for visiting my site.

                  Thanks,     Patrice

 CELL  (985) 209-5599

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Jean Pierre

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